Prison Story

You and your friends traveled ​to a country that is not very hospitable to foreign visitors. You thought the thrill is worth the risk​, but your luck has run out and you were arrested by corrupt cops. The ransom requested ​ for your freedom is too high. And if your relatives can’t pay it in a week, all of you will be executed. With all the negotiation attempts failing your only hope is in your own hands. Prison guards are on the break for one hour and that is your only chance left. Now or never.​ You will have to work as a team and use tools and hints left by previous prisoners who failed to escape on time. And to make matters worse, escaping prison is not the hardest part. You will also have to escape the country. You’ve heard the rumors that a prison warden is keeping his stash somewhere in a safe place. That cash could help to bribe officials at the border and be your ticket to freedom.