Witch House room

13 people have gone missing in the woods since the last full moon, and you were hired to track one of them down. Victoria Highmeadow, age 19, was last seen foraging for mushrooms on the edge of the woods. Some people spoke of strange, whispered songs in the woods at night. What you thought were old wives tales became all too real as a mysterious lantern light lead you through the fog to a clearing with a single hut with an orange glow at the window. As you enter the cabin, you hear the unmistakable cackle of an old woman in the woods, when the door slams shut. Your only hope now is to solve all the evil witch puzzles before midnight. You have 1 hour left. Let’s see if you can figure out what happened to Victoria, and hope that her fate leads you to freedom.

Please note: witch house has some spooky elements. Kids are welcome , but if you know your that your kids are sensitive to spooky experiences, this room might not be the best option.

What is an escape room?

You’ve probably heard something about escape rooms by now, but are still not sure exactly what it is. The concept of escape room games started in Japan as the online game “Takagism” In 2007, it was first brought to real life as an escape room game. By 2015, there were over 2,800 escape rooms in the world. Imagine the escape room as one large puzzle made of multiple smaller puzzles, riddles and clues that you need to solve together with your team. Each escape room has a unique theme and goal. It is also a fantasy. In the game you become a world traveler, a detective, a bank robber, someone in big trouble or someone who will save the world from nuclear disaster. The themes and possibilities are endless. The final goal is most often to escape the room but it could be any other fantasy goal   read more

(like finding the hidden key to a safe, solving a murder scene or disarming a bomb), before the one-hour timer runs out. This exciting new concept brings the popular online game into real life and gives players the opportunity to use their wits, teamwork skills and intelligence to accomplish a unique and challenging task. Escape rooms are often mistakenly assumed to be games for kids, but the reality is that it is fun to all ages. It is often used as team building activity for corporate customers, birthday parties, it is a great bachelorette party idea (or bachelor) and other celebrations or events. (Our escape room in Naperville can accommodate up to 10 people at a time.

Old Tavern room

The Old Tavern escape room will take you back to medieval times. You are a traveler who stopped to rest and eat at this tavern. You thought that the tavern master was the greatest host you ever met, but little did you know he is nothing but an evil murderer and a thief. All that food and wine that you indulged in was laced with a deadly poison. The tavern master left for one hour, hoping that you will be dead by then and he will be able to rob you off all your possessions without a struggle. Now you have to race the time and search for the hidden antidote. The key to finding an antidote is your senses. You will have to use them all to stand a chance and make it out alive. You will have to smell, listen and touch in order to find the hidden key to an antidote and solve the mystery of the tavern.

Please note before booking the room:

All of our rooms are always private and you will never be teamed with strangers.

The price per person varies depending on number of players:

2 Player: $33 Per Person $37 on Saturdays

3 Players: $28 Per Person $32 on Saturdays

4 to 6 Players: $25 Per Person $28 on Saturdays

7 to 8 Players: $24 Per Person $27 on Saturdays

9 to 10 Players: $23 Per Person $26 on Saturdays


For guaranteed availability of the escape room game, please book at least 2 hours ahead of your desired time spot or call us if  you want to book our room with less than 2 hours notice.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your booked time. The extra time is needed for reading and signing the waivers and for the game introduction and rules (You can also fill the Waiver before your arrival). Please don’t arrive 30-40 minutes too early as your team will be interfering with groups booked for earlier time and our lobby can not accommodate large groups of people.  

If you are you planning a birthday or bachelor party and want to book escape room, make the reservation  at least 2 weeks ahead of time as weekends are busy and available spots get booked in advance.

Note: RiddleBox Escape Rooms has zero tolerance for drugs and/or alcohol as it would impair your ability to maintain safety awareness and/or endangers others. The game requires all your attention and awareness and would affect the ability to enjoy the game. RiddleBox Escape Room Staff has the right to cancel your game if they suspect you to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. 


We are located behind Naperville North High School. If you are traveling from Plainfield, Romeoville, Aurora, Oswego: take US Rt.34 (Ogden Ave) to Mill St. and make a right (south). Take 1st right on 5th Ave. Second entrance into the parking lot and take immediate right. Go to the far west end of the parking lot. Enter door 620 and go upstairs.

If you are traveling from Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Downers Grove, Oak Brook, Lisle : make left on Mill st. and follow direction above. 

        If you are traveling from downtown Naperville: take Jackson ave. west to Mill St. and make a right. Go north 0.6 miles to 5th Ave and make a left. Then follow directions above.

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